How to make multiple selected objects into their own group?

I want to make every separate object into it’s own group without selecting each one by hand. Is this possible?

Be specific about what you mean by “object”.

SketchUp has “Entity” types, of which are subclass “Drawingelement” (things you usually see in the model.) Of those are primitive geometric elements (Face, Edges, Curves, ArcCurve, Polygon), … Containers (Group, Image, ComponentInstance) … and complex elements (Dimensions, Guides, Text, etc.)

If you wish to make no distinctions, and you do not wish to use (or write Ruby code,) then …

  1. View (menu) > Select All
  2. Edit (menu) > Make Group

If you assign a (CTRL+G) shortcut to the Make Group command (Window > Preferences > Shortcuts), then you can do it all with successive keychord shortcuts …

  1. CTRL+A
  2. CTRL+G

I assume the OP means that if you had, say, modelled different animals for a zoo each with clear space between them but all composed of raw geometry that had not been grouped, is there a way to select all and create distinct groups for each animal which the software would recognize by virtue of spatial separation.

If that is what was meant, I don’t know a way to do it in one go.

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If that is what they want, then Chris Fullmer Loose to Groups.


What a lifesaver. There is always an extension for something . Thanks!