Separate 1 group to 2 different groups

I need help separating two joined group into individual group. There are 2 cabinets drawn on sketchup and was grouped into 1 single group. However, right now, I need them to be separated into its own group so that when I select, I can select them individually instead of grouped together.

I tried exploding the group, however, when I tried to select one of the cabinet, it only selects one of the faces, when I double/triple click it select the two cabinet together.

Is there a way to separate them?

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The Select Tool selects with a single click only the single entity below the cursor.

If you want to extract entities from one group into another, you have to manually select all associated entities, either using the rectangular selection, the add/remove modifiers (toggle: shift, add: ctrl), or more powerful selection extensions (Selection Toys).

This process is error-prone.

Once all desired entities are selected, group them. Then hide the group and see if outside the group still some desired entities were left. Select, cut them (ctrl+x), enter the group and paste them in place (Edit menu or ctrl+shift+x (?) ). Vice-versa with entities that are inside the group but don’t belong there (View → Component Edit → Hide Rest of Model).

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Does this mean that the only way to separate them is to select the faces individually? I did select them but some faces are joined with the other cabinet so when I select that particular face, it only select the part where the other cabinet did not join so the face was cut into parts instead.

However, thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it. ^-^

No. See the video below for one way of doing it. Another way would be to explode the initial group and then regroup elements.

Just to explain, once I created the separate groups within the original group I used Cmd-X to eliminate one, then closed the group, then used Paste in Place to put it back outside the group. Imade an error initially as I used Delete to eliminate the smaller box. Don’t do that as you cannot then get it back without retracing steps. Use Cmd-X/Ctrl-X.

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If you post a screenshot of the cabinets you want to split, then that’d help us figure it out. There are a million ways two cabinets could be joined together.