Individual objects combined but not as a group or a component

I have a few simple objects (to me they are walls, but actually 3D rectangles) that touch. Think of two walls coming together at a right angle. When I triple click on one wall, they both are selected, however, there is no “explode” option.

How does one separate two objects that seeming are grouped (but are not)? Also, why does this happen? I’ve been searching and cannot get my head around how this occurs.

Also, I am quite new with Sketchup. I like it the product and am in a “testing it out” phase.

Thanks in advance!

Triple click will select all connected raw geometry, you need to select just the ‘wall’ you want to make it a group or component to separate it from other geometry.
All raw(non grouped/componented) geometry will stick together.

Thank you, that helps.

When I do select just one wall (raw object) and attempt to move it, it drags the “touching” wall (not selected) with it. What do I need to do to treat the selected raw object as a single entity unrelated to the “touching” wall?

Thanks again for the help. I’m trying to get my head around some obviously basic stuff.


I think I have it now.

Thank you for your patience and help.

You need to make it a group or component.
Make group
Groups and components are how you separate geometry.
I’ll post this anyway,