Moving adjacent solids independently

Relatively new sketchup user. I’m frustrated with the behavior of two solids that share a boundary, or part of an edge, they suddenly act as they are one.

If I use the triple click to select the first object, the one with the similar edge is also selected. Do I need a group each 3D block separately before I try and do anything? What is the solution to moving one of them and all of its components? Thank you

You do need to be using groups and/or components to separate the geometry for different objects. Before you let yourself get frustrated take some time to go through the instructional materials at

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Make sure you create a group or component right after modeling the desired object, then continue modeling other things, for example if you’re making a house, you model the flor and then make it a group or component before making the walls, otherwise loose geometry will get automatically glued, and some times it’s hard to separate it, it may be easier to model again the objects and make them groups.

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For your future reference, in SketchUp a “solid” is a group or component whose surface encloses a volume with each edge joining exactly two faces. You can check entity info to see whether a selection is a solid.