Planes of objects stick together

When trying to move separate components, when touching, the 2 objects stick so when moving one the other is deformed? How can I make sure when stacking objects, they will still be separate when moved?

‘Components’ like groups or you mean the object that you drew? Sketchup’s drawings are edges and faces that will merge with anything in the same plane/spot. If you group a bunch of edges/faces into a ‘Group’ or ‘Component’, they won’t stick to anything outside of it’s grouping.
If you haven’t grouped them: Selection all the edges/faces that you want to group, right-click and make into a group.
if you already have and it’s still sticking, then it’s an error.

I’m amending changes to someone’s model, I believe he has grouped all the components for example a balcony. I have exploded them, and when selected they appear separated i.e. the object selected is the only one highlighted. But when I try to move the single plane, it moves the entire component even when exploded. This occurs with every component in the file. If it is the error, is there anyway of getting around it? thanks

when you exploded it, it allowed it to merge with anything ‘touching’ it. Even if you just select the balcony, the other edges/faces are now attached so if you move balcony, they’ll follow. You can make back into a group, and that should solve this issue.

Yes, when I move the selected plane, everything touches follows. The trouble is I don’t want them to be in a group, because I need to change the dimensions of the existing components. For example if I wanted to extend something horizontally I only want to change one part of the object. So I explode the object, to select the part that only needs to be changed. So I select the part, it becomes highlighted (only the plane selected), but when moved or scaled everything moves along with it. Is there anyway of edit individual planes of a group or component, or does it seem like an error. thanks again

If you double click on the group (before you explode it), you can work within the group.

I’ve done that, sadly the objects are still connected when edited.

maybe you can upload the file or screen cap a picture what parts you want to modify and we’ll see how things are sticking.

So was it just the columns that were grouped? or all of them with the exterior wall all in the same group?
It looks like you want to move it forward and the inside corner line that’s attached to both the column and wall is causing that mess.
Try this:

  1. Select just what you want to move.
  2. Make it into a group
  3. Now move it, since it’s a group and no longer attached to the exterior wall