How to unstick objects which sketchup sticks by mistake

Hello - probably quaite basic question but apart from how and what for sketchup sticks together elements by default. if you have such a problem - what command to use to unstick them. i dont believe that sketchup does not assume that sometimes you have to repair your model after all that random sticking…

Use Groups or Components to isolate geometries from others.

Use components for repetitive elements to minimize file size.

It’s not random at all. The sticking is totally normal and expected. All you have to do is “group” geometry (edges and faces) so they act as a single unit and don’t stick to anything. All ungrouped geometry will stick together when it touches no matter what. Double click to “enter” a group for editing. Then exit out when finished. Always make sure everything is in a group

… or (very often better) a component.

And remember, leave the default tag at Untagged (or Layer0 in versions of SU before 2020, which changed the name of Layers to Tags).

Only tag groups, components, or other SU objects such as dimensions, text, or section planes.

DON’T tag geometry: edges or faces. Tags DON’T separate geometry, they just control what is visible. And invisible ‘loose’ (ungrouped) edges on turned-off tags will still stick to anything you draw that touches them.