Having mistakenly drawn on many layers back in 2012, how do I move them now to components?

Having mistakenly drawn on many layers back in 2012, how do I move those layers back to the Untagged layer an than convert them to components?

Hi, fairly simple I’d say,

  • select the layers you want to go back to the default one, and delete them. SU will ask you what to do with the geometry, ask to put it on the default one.
  • or select your elements, and reassign a layer/tag

hope it works !

I’d say fairly simple, but other way:

You can use
Selection Toys | SketchUcation
to select the geometries by layer (note:now the layer is called tag in newer version of SU), then you can make a group/component out of selected geometry

Then, after you created all “components by layer” you can use:
Default Layer Geometry | SketchUcation to assign the default layer/tag to geometries.

Thanks for that, Actif.

I think that I will have a lot of conflicts, between the layers, or things that aren’t drawn correctly.
Will sending the layers back to the default layer allow me to repair the missing or wrong lines?

Thanks dezmo,

Where do I fined Selection Toys, I am very much a beginner.

I believe that the tool deserves a donation rather than a fines. :wink:

In addition to the link in my previous post, you can install the Selection Toys within Sketchup using the Extension >> Extension Warehouse. (Then search for it)

Thanks dezmo,
Yes, sorry my spelling isn’t very good.

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Probably some lines or faces inside of a group could belong to different tags once you move all your geometry to one tag could help you to fix your model, the easiest way to move them is the one given you firs, delete all the tags except for one and once sketchup ask you what to do with the elements of that tag chose move them to the tag you want all your geometry to be, always work on a tag or layer by default so all your ungruped geometry stays on that tag, and assign tags only to the groups or components, it’s very hard to work moving from one tag to another, yo may forgot to do it and you’ll have mixed tags inside one group.

Thanks francisquitof,

I will give that a try,