Components stick together on different layers

When creating a new component in one layer I placed it in a different layer after making it a component. Now when I turn off the first layer my new component also turns off and I am unable to turn it off in the new layer I placed it in.
This has happened several times.
I am using Sketchup 2015.

First, are you aware that the subject of your post and the post itself seem to be talking about different things?

Here are some rules; deviate from them at your peril:

  • Keep Layer0 active at all times
  • Create all raw geometry (edges and faces) on Layer0 and keep it there
  • Assign a layer other than Layer0 only to groups or components
  • Use layers only to control visibility, not to isolate or organize geometry: those are the functions of groups and components.

See the following: Does SketchUp Support Layers?


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Thanks for the information. It is helpful

A big plus one to Gully’s advice. You’ll find many preach that as best practice - I’d be one of them.

And from me too.

But in order to contradict myself, here are a couple of reasons for assigning raw geometry to layers:

  1. Layers are about the only possible way to get material information exported from Sketchup to other CAD applications that read the DWG format.

  2. SketchUp doesn’t render transparency into 2D vector output formats (DWG, PDF or vector format printing), so the only solution I can think of is to put all your transparent faces on a layer and turn it off.