Noob,And I don't know how to arrange objects

I’m a noob to sketch up 2016 well sketch in general,My question is I draw,then make components, how do I move the component to where i want?when I move something first it only takes part of it instead of the whole item,then if I want it “above” but not touching, sketch-up wants to “connect” them.

Go read/watch the basic SketchUp tutorials. Geometry “sticks” to other geometry until you create a group or component from it. Then it stays isolated and moves as a unit until you open it for edit. Despite what you say, it doesn’t sound like you are creating any components.

Like @slbaumgartner says…
As you build the model, make the first logical portion of the object into a Component.
Then, build the next portion of the object and make it a Component.
And so on, until the model is complete.

Here’s help with making Components

Here’s help with the Move Tool

People sometimes miss the checkbox for ‘Replace existing…’ on the component creation dialog. So you have made a component but what is in the model is still raw geometry.
SU2016 remembers you last choice, unlike earlier versions, so make sure the box has a tick in it.