Moving objects around after drawing them


Hello everyone, I’m new to SketchUp and would like to know how to move objects around after I’ve drawn them. I’d like to draw/build something by drawing/building each part near the main object and then moving each part to the main object and maneuver it into the desired position on the main object. Another thing I’d like to know how to do is making 3D objects hollow; for instance making a cylinder hollow on both sides. Find attached a screenshot of my first inputs (where I got stuck. Thanks.


Maybe have a look at the 4 getting started videos here:


select the object (-s) drawn / modeled, group it, use move tool

it might be useful to you if you take a look at the various basic use tutorials as they have much to learn from


Why not draw it in the right place to start with?

If you make each piece a component as soon as you have drawn it, the pieces will stay separated.


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