Moving objects to different layers

I’m fairly new to Sketchup and self taught - I’m finding it to be incredibly infuriating.
All I want to do is organise objects onto specific layers, but if I cut and paste in place, the results are random at best. sometimes it will move an object, sometimes it won’t. sometimes I can hide a layer and an object will disappear on more than one layer.

Is it me, or is it sketchup?


It’s you :wink:
Try first to learn about “groups” and “components”, and then you assign them to layers.

Read up on layers here.

And look at groups here

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Build the first logical part of your model and make it a Component.
Build the next logical part of your model and make it a Component.
And so on until the model is complete.

A properly built model is an assembly of Components, with no raw geometry left in the model space.

SketchUp’s series of training videos are the antidote to your frustration.

SketchUp Training Series: Components

SketchUp Training Series: Layers


As a design company, I’m guessing you have used other CAD software. If so, it is best to forget all you know about using layers because they work differently in SU. It may be the source of your frustration. Others have already referred to info sources that will help.


The errant method of assigning geometry to a layer by using Edit > Paste in Place

• Were you taught this technique by others?


• Did you devise the method all on your own?

That is, it seemed logical based upon your experience with other software.

The reason I ask is this:

An adult university student I’m tutoring passed along a PDF provided by his professor.
The PDF is titled: “Sketch Up (sic) Tutorial & Examples

Therein, I found the same errant method of assigning geometry to a layer by using Edit > Paste in Place

It would benefit SketchUp’s Development Team and the SketchUp Community to learn why many educators and users perpetually misunderstand SketchUp’s Layer System.


Yes, it would be very good if people would ‘report’ poor teaching methods. Especially the ones that are charging for it.
Unfortunately they are many, varied and seem to be authentic.


There is no required certification to teach SketchUp. Anyone can proclaim they know enough and hang out a shingle, then spread their own misunderstanding.

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Kind of like medicine in the 1800s. :smiley:

And in this day and age of social media it should only take seconds to discredit poor teaches who charge for their junk.

Brilliant advice and so nicely articulated in just a few sentences! I would even suggest to mark it as a solution just in order to spread awareness.