Grouping and Components

In all other graphics programs I’ve worked with you could group objects then add more objects for another grouping. When you id an Ungroup routine most of those programs ungrouped in the reverse order you grouped those objects in. And you never last a part of any one group itself.

In SketchUp I had a Component that I wanted to break apart and “fix” then regroiup and go on from there. When I moved one of the objects as a “group” I found that the bottom of the object was lost, so instead of the hassel of a newbie trying to replace the bottom where it should have been I made a new object.

SO, if SketchUp does keep groupings - grouped - how is that done? ALSO, I’ve never worked on a graphics program where one could “group” objects and NOT find the UnGroup tool. I know, you can EXPLODE the items, but then you run into that problem with everything not hanging together in their groups as they should.


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Opposite of grouping in SketchUp is the Explode command. You can have grouped objects inside other grouped objects and exploding (ungrouping) them goes back in reverse order, just normally. If you want to “fix” or edit a part of object you don’t have to explode it. You can simply access the group by double clicking on it. Exactly what is it that you’re having trouble with? Could you provide screenshots?

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YES!. You do seem to be missing quite a lot.

As @VahePaulman points out, the “ungroup” command is Explode. It applies to both groups and components. Better than having Ungroup and Uncomponent.

You don’t need to explode or ungroup components or groups to work on them. Just open them for editing. Consider that making a group or component is analogous to wrapping the selection in a transparent container. Exploding it would be like opening the container and throwing it away. Just open the container and make the changes. Then close it up again by exiting the Edit mode.

Generally, exploding groups and components to make modifications to what’s inside creates more work than just editing them.


No screen shot available now. I fixed the problem by drawing and re-dimensoning the new item and grouping it again.
I had lost the “bottom” face of a board and didn’t realize that until I started a large scale panning.
Just going through the processes and LEARNING AS I GO.

I do have a couple of books now that I will follow through on their examples to learn more. It has been a long time since I’ve used make and even then just did very basic operations.

Thanks for the reply and offer of help.

There was no need to explode the component/group to fix this! Open it for edit (drilling down through multiple opens if it is deeply nested) and draw one of the edges of the face. SketchUp will then “discover” the face again. Close the component/group (and back out the nest) and you are done.

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O.K., sorry I didn’t get back to you sooner. My computer has been down being upgraded.
Any way, I wanted to thank you for the detailed look at HOW TO fix one of the problems I ran across building my first bigger project.
HELP is always greatly appreciated!!