Question about ungrouping

I’ve grouped dimensions with the components of what I’m drawing and I’d like to ungroup them, but when I right click the object I don’t get ‘ungroup’ as an option. What am I missing?

The term is explode. Used to dis associate geometry in groups or components

Look for Explode instead.

But if you just want to move the dimensions out of the group or component, open it for editing, cut the dimension(s) to clipboard, close the group or component, then Edit/Paste in place.

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Got it. Explode connote something completely different to me, but if that’s how they want to do it… Thanks.

It has always been called Explode in SU. Ungroup makes sense too but developers may have avoided it because Explode covers both Groups and Components. If you had Ungroup, there are bound to be folk asking where the Uncomponent command is.

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This will get the dimension(s) out of the bounding box, thereby reducing the bounding box’s size.
However, each dimension cut away inside editing context and placed (in place) outside the editing context will lose its connection / association with geometry or any intersections it previously dimensioned.
You’ll need to recreate these dimensions.

Short: associated dimensions cannot be carried over to another context keeping their association.


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