Ungroup All. Ungroup options would be good

Ungroup All - or even better, ungroup a hierarchical level. Generally some tools to deal with un-grouping many groups.

In what way would that significantly improve on the current Explode command (applied to a selection)?

Once you explode one or more groups (or components) each containing other groups or components, they are all highlighted. One or a few more R-click/Explode commands will get you down the hierarchy pretty quickly, unless you have very deep nesting.

OOPS - the Feature Request refers to Layout, not SU.

Perhaps just make Layout work the same way as SU with an Explode or Ungroup command that highlights what’s just been exploded? I rarely use Layout so am not familiar with how it works now.

Hi John,

Yes, Layout. There are command inconsistencies between the two programs. Which is understandable but I hope eventually some similarities become more streamlined.

The issues I have are:
not being able to scale nested groups
visual confusion in large and complex groups that contain many Scaled Drawings. Scaled Drawings have additional visual information that help define them.

The proposed tool/command that would help me most, would obliterate all groups within the selected group, right down the hierarchy.

Yes. I agree completely. I’ve got groups in Sketchup (Not Layout) that I want to eliminate. But there is no “Ungroup” command in any of the menus. I haven’t found any information for how to ungroup one group, let alone the entire hierarchy.

Because sketchup has more than just groups it uses Explode as the word for ungroup.

Thank you. I experimented some more with “explode” and have now figured out how to use it to eliminate the groups. I’m guessing that the previous times I tried it, I hadn’t “Selected” the group correctly.

Now all I have to do is remember that “explode” in Sketchup means “undo group” and “Explode” in other software that I use means separate the objects so people can see how they fit together!

You can also create an Exploded view drawing in SU, which means just this too.

@DaveR often shows those. Here’s just one of his:

However not with the Explode command in SketchUp.

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Indeed not!.

Explode is the standard CAD function name that splits the selection to a bunch of lower level objects, one level at a time.

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