Exploding and ungrouping - changed in LO19/20 from LO18

I’ve recently upgraded to 2019 (I long ago stopped being an early adopter) and have run into the following problem.

My workflow is to produce architectural drawings in 2D in SU, export them to LO, set a scale, set them to Vector, explode and ungroup. I usually have to ungroup, ’send to back’ the colour layer and then ungroup again. I’m then free to tidy everything up, add text, dimensions, line weights etc. It’s something I’ve been doing for several years, works well for me (leaving aside various frustrations with LO which are mostly listed here by others as well).

Since moving to SU19, I find that exploding and ungrouping still leaves lots of lines effectively still grouped, whereas previously pretty much every line would be broken at a join. This is needing me to spend ages with the split tool.

I suspect it is something to do with the way SU is exporting, but I’ve not changed my workflow in any way.

I’ve just tried the same file in SU20 with the same result and in SU18 where it exploded and ungrouped completely as I expected.

Any suggestions - is this normal behaviour or is there a way to change it?

If those groups are nested, the you can turn the issue around.
2018 and earlier, did ungroup too much/deep and 2019+ does it right.

I would check if they are nested or/and somehow protected ( locked ).


Thanks, but I’m not sure what you mean by nested. There are groups in the SU drawing. I’ve tried exploding these before sending to LO, but it gives the same result. I’m not aware of any lock.

I don’t know if it is the issue.
When you draw something in SU then you can make a group of it. When you draw some else, then you came make a group of both of these items. The first group is inside the second group. That is nested. When you do an explode on the top group it explodes only the top group, not the one inside the nested group. Will you do that then you need to select the nested group and explode it again.

In case off if this is the issue, afair there is/was a plugin what explode everything inside a selected group.


Thanks, understood - there are no nested groups.

Is there any logic to the way lines are disconnected when exploded? I always have to ungroup twice - what dictates which lines sit in each group or is is it random?

Fascinated to know why you explode the drawing and break the link with the SU file. What’s the purpose?

So they are nested if you have to ungroup twice.
If you draw a line one at the time in SU they can get connected with “weld”

Can you explain why your workflow that way? What your writing is a mass of work. Or upload your files to see if you can do it another way.

Because dimensioning in layout on a section-cut is extremely laggy, buggy and sloooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwww. BUT! When you explode a view it becomes fast/ acceptable to dimension. From the stone age to the nineties.

My workflow is outlined in my first post. This is for 2D drawings. I don’t want/need to keep SU linked. I accept it’s a slightly unusual approach, but it works for me.

It’s not a mass of work, it’s actually a very quick way to produce high quality 2D drawings.

If it works for you, that’s fine. But as you admit, it’s unusual.

All LO output is 2D. That is its point - turning 3D models into 2D output that can be used and distributed in the real world. I guess you must work in an environment where you never need to to revisit and amend the original SU drawing. Or if you do, you are prepared for the huge amount of extra work it will cause you.

Have to say, you don’t really explain the why, just the how. There must be a reason you decide to work differently from almost everyone else. I’m still intrigued.

I’ve come from 30+ years of hand drawing. I’m producing domestic scale architectural work. I do occasionally use SU for simple 3D modelling but found along the way that I can lever it in a different way for my 2D workflow as well. I quite like being able to quickly put down drawings in 2D in SU and not worry about line weights, text and the all the rest of the presentation requirements that can get in the way of thinking about the design. I would like do it all in LO, but it’s not there yet as a ‘proper’ CAD program (and I realise that although that’s not its primary function, there are plenty here who would like it to develop into that). Breaking the link with SU is neither here nor there for what I’m doing.

All that said, I’m still not clear on how SU and LO lines are joined and exploded - it seems random but it probably isn’t. I’m having to wind back to SU18 to get full exploding and ungrouping. It’s definitely changed in SU19/20.

I recall Skalp was doing this as well, version 2015, I then assumed it was natively, untill I didn’t use that extension anymore.

Sorry, but doing what?

when I copy pasted a Section cut from SketchUp into LayOut (considered bad practice, nowadays…) and exploded that in LayOut. Way back, it wasn’t nested