Grouping problems

Hi sketch up gods, im having issues bringing floor plans from other models together into one new model. everything is grouped individually but there are groups within groups an i dont know how to ungroup and regroup as one or merge groups to make one group. i can toggle all the layers on and off but then one layer when turned off takes bits from other layers with it.

and golden nuggets before my head pops

The most simple way to resolve this would be to explode each plan down to the raw geometry as you bring it into a new model, then group or componentize as desired. Now select specific layers and assign the groups/components to the appropriate layers. Do that for each plan and when done, assemble the new groups/components in a final model.


Tried exploding but do you have to do it multiple times

so hitting explode once is not it completely exploded

You would need to explode it multiple times until there are no groups left, just raw geometry. Then you would need to select all that raw geometry and assign it to Layer0, then group it .

how do you assign a group to a layer

Use the Entity info window.
But be sure to assign the raw geometry to Layer0 and only then assign the group to another layer.

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Right let me explode first. really appreciate you help thanks for taking the time

OMG it works , thankyou sketch up god

There’s also an extension “s4u explode” and “nz_implode” that can explode selected groups back to raw geometry, which can take the leg work out of a lot of ungrouping steps.
Smustard has a “bomb” version but it works across the whole model.

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Have never used extensions maybe i should watch some tutorials, can you recommend any good ones

cant thankyou enough for that advice its been the missing link in where ive been struggling with larger drawings. Completely buzzing even told the missus but she just felt sorry for me i think

FWIW, there’s no need to explode a group or component to assign the geometry to Layer 0. As with any other change you might want to make to the geometry in the group, just open it for editing, select the geometry and set its layer association to Layer 0 in Entity Info.

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Cheers dave, My main problem was what i was importing was also in multiple layers, so once exploded an shifted the geometry on each layer to the default layer, when i imported it raw then made a group an assigned that group to a layer the issues went an everything is working so much better

and some of those things i was importing were copy and pastes which carried over the hidden layers

But it doesn’t matter. There’s no need to explode the group to make the layer corrections.

so as long as the whole thing is selected you can assign it to a layer. even multiple groups withing a group ?

Whatever you have selected can be assigned to a layer. If you open a group to the base level geometry and select that geometry, it can be assigned to Layer 0 if it’s not already there. Note that if the Layer field in Entity Info is blank when you have entities selected, the selected stuff is on more than one layer.

My only point is that it’s not necessary to explode groups to make layer association changes.

Wasn’t the original issue about getting it all into one group.
The need to make the layers correct came from the effect of exploding groups.

yeah that was my original problem and the exploding has been vital to get back to raw geometry and tidy up bitty grouping. The assigning it to layers was my second issue - what i did was drew a main ground floor foot print not knowing i was doing so in multiple layers. then when i copied and pasted to use the bulk of the foot print but modify it for each floor i was having issues when toggling layers on an off as it was taking bits from other groups.

the exploding has been vital in tidying up