Looking for beginners help - for groups & components & layers

can someone recommend a good tutorial or tips board for layers & groups & components thx

• SketchUp Help Center : Organizing a Model
• SketchUp Help Center : Controlling Visibility with Layers
masterSketchUp.com : Sketchup Layers vs. Groups & Components

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The official SketchUp Video Tutorials…

SketchUp Skill Builder Videos

Im having trouble with making a group.i triple click & it keeps catching other stuff with it.or it doesn’t take the bottom face pls help

Triple clicking always selects all connected edges and faces. You need to make groups or components as you go. At the stage your model is apparently at now, you’ll need to either add to or subtract from the selection as needed.

The best work flow is to work on one object at a time. Draw an object, make a group or component and then move on to the next part. Don’t use a scatter gun approach to drawing because your model will become difficult to work with as you’ve discovered.

I try to do that but it didnt work.i make a floor then grp it. then offset to make walls. then grp walls but when i pull the walls up i need to regrp correct? when ii do thatt i cant catch the bottom. thx

Are you exploding the group after you make it? You shouldn’t need to. If you’re drawing a floor plan, delete the floor leaving just the faces inside the outlines of the walls. Use Push/Pull to pull the walls up to height, select all of the geometry and make the group. There’s no need to make a group before you get the walls 3D.

U mean i shouldn’t explode the grp to push pull?

Do i hide the floor then pull up walls triple click.then retrn the floor hide the walls raise the floor then triple clk uhide all

Thx 4 your help

No. You shouldn’t explode after you make the group. You can open a group for editing if needed but exploding it is a waste of time in this case. Right click on the group and choose Edit Group.

No. Hiding it won’t separate it from the walls. If you really need to keep the face of the floor, select it and use Edit>Cut. Then make the walls 3D. Select the wall geometry and make it a group. Then use Edit>Paste in place to paste the floor face back where you cut it from.

I did just that & i losjt the door when i hid it.i redlrew it raised it 6 in grpd openepd walls &could make window hole. which time zone r u in.when is good to email u thx

Did just what?

thx 4 all your help. edit really helped. I now understand that when I make
a grp that’s 2d & then edit to 3d it still stays grpd. Correct? a few
times I wasn’t able to PPull so I had to explode. Any idea what I( did
wrong?. Do u reco using layer- entity or outliner? Sometimes i succeed in
making a layer & others not. u have any good tutorials on that? thx agn

Because your 2D wall plan is a group, you should use “edit group” to edit the face within the group.

  1. Create your 2D wall plan
  2. Select the edges and faces desired, and group them (so they will not interact with other new geometries.
  3. double-click the group (or right-click and select ‘edit group’ from the context menu)
  4. Use the Push/Pull tool to extrude the walls into the third dimension
  5. Close the group (click on something outside the group, or right-click and select ‘close group’)

I have a wiki page on this subject. Be warned that my practices are not definitive. I am not an engineer or an architect, but this is the way that I like to organize a house model.

Here is another wiki page showing how I lay out a floorplan for a tiny house. This was part of an assignment for a course at New Mexico State University

Check my 3D Warehouse collection of 2D floorplan components

If you’re into plumbing, I have a collection of assorted Schedule 40 PVC fittings

thx what’s the difference between edit group & explode?

Editing a group opens the container to allow you to make changes. When you exit the edit mode the container gets closed up again. Explode takes the container off of the group and throws it away. It generally doesn’t make sense to explode a group to make changes to it.

If you explode a component to make changes to it, the geometry will no longer be related to the other instances of the component in the model so those other instances will not get the same modifications. If you want to make changes to an instance of a component without changing the others, it is better to use Make Unique before editing. Don’t explode it.