Removing items from a group


Still new. I have tried to create items and as soon as they are 3d, I create either a group or a component. I have somehow created a component that contains more than one solid object in the component and do not know how to “remove” or make two separate components from what I have.

I would like to simply break it up and create two separate components from what already exists rather than delete these things and start over.

I believe my main issue is perhaps triple clicking the items I created without noticing that some other item is also selected before having finalized the component creation.

I will upload the model for your perusal.

Repisa_1~.skp (99.0 KB)

What object(s) in your model are you referring to? I see two copies of “Window Panel” that are placed exactly atop each other but don’t see any nesting of more than one object in the same component. One of them uses the non-visible tag “Test Perpendicularity”. After making it visible you can select either of the duplicates and use the move tool to separate them.


You also have two groups that each contain a component. You can just explode them if that is the issue.

Edit: One of the unnecessary groups contains a single component that maybe has what should have been two (Dryer Bottom)? If that is the issue, you can proceed as follows:

  • Open the component for edit
  • select the geometry making up (for example) the horizontal part
  • edit->cut the geometry
  • close the component edit
  • do Edit->paste in place to put the geometry back exactly where it was, but no longer inside the Dryer Bottom
  • while the pasted geometry is still selected, create a new component from it


After examining your models it looks to me as if you are working a whole harder than you really need to be working. I see a number of things that if they don’t cause you problems now, will cause problems down the road. I suspect some of that has to do with starting the model with Length Snapping enable but there’s also some problems related to the way you’ve positioned some objects which makes me think you could benefit from learning a bit more about using the Move tool correctly. I think you could also be leveraging the components (and using components where you’ve used groups) to improve the model and make the whole process easier.

Thanks slb!

I will try to follow along.