Cant ungroup components

Im drawing up a design for a dresser, and somehow 4 different parts have been grouped together into one component. I cant seem to un link them. The back panel, top, vertical divider, and one small strip at the top are all connected as one component and I want them to be all individual. They are the highlighted ones. How can I go about doing this? I tried “explode” as well as “make unique” and neither have worked.

The image shows that they are all loose geometry, so you need to select the relevant parts and group or component them.

When I triple click on any one of those parts, all 4 of them are selected. Also, in my component list, it is listed as TOP. I somehow made what should have been just the top component into all 4 of those.

Triple click will select all connected loose geometry.
Attach your model for a full answer.

RyanCourtneyTallboyDresser.skp (557.6 KB)

Im trying to unconnect those 4 pieces of geometry

Yes you have exploded it and yes there is a component called top, but that is still wrong.
You can simply grab one face from each piece and use it to remake what you need.
I have use group but you could use components.
When a component is deleted or exploded it remains stored in the component browser for future use, but if exploded the geometry in the model is just loose.
Groups when exploded or delete are gone from the model.
You’ll find copy and paste in place in the edit menu, not the context menu like I have.