How to make ONE component out of groups and other smaller components

Hello. I’m new to Sketchup to SU and would be grateful if someone can point to towards the right direction in order to make ONE only component out of a multitude of other components.

Although I selected those (individual geometry and groups) and made a group with them and after I made a component of it, they are still showing in the “Component window” as lots of small individual components, and can not find a way to make them into one only - then save the file for later use. (if I copy this component into an other model, it is pasted as a multitude of objects/components).

Obviously I am missing how to regroup all those “small parts” into a one and unique component for reuse on the model or for another file.

Attached is a skp file (where I deleted the rest of the building to keep it to minimal - this is what I am trying to make as one). Thank you for your help :wink:

Entrance door.skp (310.5 KB)

After you make the combo-component instance Edit it.
Select the other ‘nested’ sub-component instances or groups within it which you no longer want to be ‘separate’ and Explode them.
Now the combo-component will no longer contain any sub-components etc.
But they’ll still appear in the Component Browser…
If you use the Purge pop-out tool in that browser any unused components will be removed.
So unless the sub-components you’ve just exploded also have additional instances placed elsewhere in the model or perhaps again ‘nested’ elsewhere, then they will go away…

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The outliner may be your friend here. Just a few clicks.


Understanding the structure of groups, components, and raw geometry will help with your future projects.

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Thank you to TIG and Shep this really help :smiley:

Thank you to TIG and Shep this really helps a lot :smiley:

You bet, just be sure this is really what you want to do. This will make editing the component more difficult.


It worked for what I had to do so thanks again to you both. But one thing still puzzles me.

I am not sure how this person did it (a component > inside is a group > inside is other components), and yet in the “Component Panel” it only shows as one object only. I was not able to replicate what he/she did.

Beautifully crafted and one Component showing. Mystery as how this was done :cry: !
Will have to do more research for the next model, but there is not much on the subject of grouping components.

Valdi - Folding Sliding Door x 6.skp (1.5 MB)

Luds; The advantage of using componets vs possible downside should be no question in your mind.
Components definition is invariant under scaling, rotation, moving. You should not blow off Shep and Box so quickly=> they are trying to help. At least provide a reason for what you are doing. Your model is rather simplistic now but, when it gets more complex you will probably change your mind and then it will be very hard to make model correctly .

Hey @mac7595 I am VERY appreciative that Shep and Tig and Box did help me and they did in a lot of way. (don’t know where you got that idea [to blow off anybody] from - and by no mean if this is the way it has been taken, apologies, this is not AT ALL how I feel - quite the opposite).

The thing is that the house I built so far has many components and I did a lot of research since it was built, and now understand groups versus components much better. But my methodology was not appropriate by the sound of it. My mistake. The last file I posted is not from me. However this is an example I have uploaded to show something done it seemed to me the right way, but I am lost in the technique on how the author did it. They manage to have a MAIN component made of others, but the Component Panel for that last file I posted is very neat and clean as it shows one only component. Having gone that far (spend a couple of weeks for my model , it is atrocious as it has 100’s and 100’s of unmanageable components), I just was wondering if I could regroup/repack some of them to eliminate the multitude of small items, as in the 2nd file I referred to / that I uploaded.

Having said that I learned 2 techniques that are great, and am grateful and thankful to those who helped me. But since not understanding the 3rd method from the second file I posted, this is an invitation and if someone knows how to do it I’ll eagerly follow the steps into make it that way.

Cordially and with thanks.

Sorry if I was too terse. What struck me was they made valid suggestions but you rejected out of hand with virtually zero reasoning / explanantion.
I do not consider the last model you ref a good example. The use of components will help in keeping model size smaller but be aware image textures are one of the main culprits.
That model is not good example candidate for use of components just click on the group and you will see all the components. For example there should only be two definitions for hinges but, there are many, same for the front door framing which can be done with one component, same for folding doors. Using components also will help since you they can added to layers to control visibility while you model. Problems have not raised their ugly heads yet but they will soon as you make larger models.
I usually like to tell folks to slow down and hurry up. Spend some time on components and layers tutorials and you will find it is time well spent. BTW make sure you understand how the axis definitions are used with components when you bring them into you model=> you can even use proxy componets in model and then replace later=> after you learn.

To clarify how to have a single nested component in the browser rather than it and all it’s parts, if you save it to a component library it can be added back into the model or to another model and will be seen as a single unit.

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Yes yes yes success. This is exactly what I was looking for to do. Thank you Box :grinning: .

A big thank you to all for your input.

This forum has a very active community, it is impressive. Thanks. :wink:

Yes yes yes success. This is exactly what I was looking for to do. Thank you Box :grinning: . 3 days I have spent on and off trying to solve this. I really appreciate.