How to merge components?

The model i uploaded is made out of 20 copies of the same component.
No matter what i do i cant delete individual triangles, can anyone help ?

TEST 6V CLASS 1.skp (119.8 KB)

Right Context Click on the Component you wish to edit > Make Unique

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The top-level group contains another nested group, that in turn contains the 20 nested subcomponents.
So you have an extra step to get at the contents - use the Outliner to see this…

If you want to edit one part of the assembly, then as @Geo says, use Make Unique on it.
If you want to end up with a ‘solid’ you need to Explode the subcomponents and the nested group…

Then you can edit the geometry as you wish - but of course, taking care to preserve ‘solidity’…

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Your model has some seemingly unnecessary nesting of Groups and Components. For example, the main Group named “c1-v6-m1” has all of its contents in a nested unnamed Group. That Group contains 20 instances of the ComponentDefinition named “6V icosa - method 1”, each of which contains a single instance of the ComponentDefinition named “Component #1”. This naming and nesting suggests to me that you are confusing the notions of naming a Group or ComponentInstance with nesting it inside another Group or Component. That is, you seem to be using nesting for the sole purpose of adding a name! The extra layers of nesting are likely causing confusion due to the need to open all the way down to the innermost before you can edit.

Also, as @Geo has said, all ComponentInstances of a particular ComponentDefinition share the same underlying geometry. If you want to edit one without affecting all the others, you must first make it unique.

[edit] @TIG wrote about the same thing while I was typing!

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Aha, thank you so much for the help, sketchup noob here :slight_smile:

There are a couple of ideas you should keep in mind:
Component definitions in SU are invariant under the conditions of moving, rotation, scaling and as such they do not to be made unique to perform those operations;
There a are plugins allowing you to make a groups into single components in mass. You can then use the component browser to replace those so converted with another component again if so desired;
I have no idea what you plan after that step so here is my guess of just repetitive merging of entities at lower level until the sphere is make up of a few slected components, exploding those to make it in total with primitive geometry, converting to component and thus making it soild .
Just some thoughts for youTEST 6V CLASS 1_MAC1.skp (170.4 KB)