How to remove part of a component and create a new component

I’m brand new to SketchUp, started yesterday. Such an amazing program but I’m having an issue and I can’t find any tutorial that explains it… so wondering if anyone can help.

I actually sort of have two problems that are interconnected

  1. I created a component and then copied it multiple times. Now I find I can’t just select one of the components. I click three times on a piece and it selects the whole block of components, which is frustrating

  2. I want to delete a chunk off a component (cut off a corner) and then make a new component but I don’t want to have to redraw the whole piece if that’s possible. How do I just delete one chunk of it? Every time I try I end up deleting an entire face.

Any advice appreciated. I’ve attached the working file and hopefully it should be evident that I am trying to delete a chunk on the last chevron piece in my bench design so that it fits inside the frame I’ve drawn.

herringbone-bench.skp (67.4 KB)

  1. Right click on the component without opening it for editing. Choose Make Unique to break it’s relationship to the others.

  2. Draw a line across where you want to cut it and use Push/Pull to remove the waste side.

Actually, I see that you’ve made the herringbone planks one large mass of geometry instead of individual ones. There’s nothing to make unique in that case.

I’m not certain where in your model this is happening. In the slatted top, inside the “left chevron piece” component there is just loose geometry, no nested components. But in general, if you need to edit just one instance while leaving the others alone, right click the target one and choose “make unique”.

One way is to open the component for edit, draw an edge across where you want to trim, and then push-pull the little triangle face down to the bottom (you will probably want to do component edit->hide rest of model after drawing the edge to make it easier to see what you are doing.

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I replaced your mass of geometry with plank components. I’ve already made the ones that over hang unique.

At this point each of those can be opened for editing and the ends trimmed off by drawing a line and using Push/Pull

And here it is fixed so you can take it apart.
herringbone-bench.skp (90.2 KB)