How do I delete old components which form part of a newly saved component- without affecting that newly saved component?



I’m trying to make it so that some of my models are formed of only one component- not 3, 4 or 10 components! So essentially I want to delete all those components which are surplus and all those which are part of the final component (but not the essential, final component/ model). I will attach a simple version of this- I want to keep ‘left extension’ and ‘right extension’ but not ‘End part small Correct dir’ components. But if I delete that ‘End part small Correct dir’ component, that shape vanishes from the left & right components- even though I right to left selected them & then saved them as components themselves prior to this deletion. So surely the left and right are able to save the shape from the end part… one & not lose it after its’ deletion?

I am thinking in terms of photoshop- you can have five layers, and by merging them you end with one layer.

Thank you in advance for your help!
Extension.skp (275.7 KB)


Do you mean like this?


I think that’s what I’m after- going to give it a go, if you here nothing else from me it means it was a huge success! (Which I think it will be), thank you so much, very very quick response & so helpful!


Ok, I can see that is definitely what I want to do- but I don’t know how you managed to get that second, lower window up, under the components window. The one you drag and drop the useful component into before purging all the others! Any advice would be very appreciated :smile: I’m sure it’s way simpler than I’m finding it, but I do only have one box there…


you can just have One component for that item, then move a copy and flip it along it’s axis…
One_comp.skp (195.0 KB)


There is a little button to open the second window. You can create new folders in your library with the button to the right. Same one you purge unused with.


Wow, thank you. How did you manage to delete that little front part (the component which was named ‘End part small Correct dir’) without it being deleted from the remaining component?

Many, many thanks


Thank you for helping me out :+1:


I deleted one of the two, then double clicked the remaining one [edit mode] >> single clicked the embedded ‘End’ component >> right click >> ‘Explode’…
This releases the geometry into the Parent…
That made it stay when I used ‘Model Info’ >> ‘Statistics’ >> ‘Purge Unused’



Thanks for the clear explanation John, very helpful.