Steps to permanently delete components?

My skp file is 11 MB. I’ve tried exploding the component, right clicking, and selecting cut, then tried clicking erase, and the trash can as well. But it will not disappear from the components panel, on the right hand side.

Nevermind. I had to edit a component within a component.

On the top right of the component window is a button that is called Details, click it for a drop down list, one of which is Purge Unused. This will remove any unused Components. You can do this with Materials, Layers etc
Go to View/Model info/Statistics and click the button that says Purge Unused, this will delete all unused things from the model.

In Sketchup free, ‘details’ appears to only appears at bottom of the screen, in relation to, ‘view list’, ‘view detail’, ‘view thumbnail’. I have managed to delete enough components to bring the file size down.

Yeah, the free version only has it in the various specific dialogs.


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