Deleting components

How do I delete obsolete components in the library?

I need to explain my problem more clearly. This question is not about simply removing a component from a specific drawing. There are several ways to do that. The question is about actually removing a component from the list of components in the library that pops up when I click on that icon. When a component is in that list it will not allow me to create a new component with that same name (for obvious reasons). I want to get rid of those obsolete components so I can reuse those component names for something else, and so I can reduce the clutter in the list of components. Clicking on a component name in the list and the hitting PURGE just removes it from my drawing, not from the library. Do these just hang around for eternity like dinosaur fossils?

I’m not sure but try right clicking on one. Right clicking unveils many hidden commands and operations. It fixes everything, just kidding, or am I?

Go to model info, statistics, purge model.

Tried that. Doesn’t work. Thanks anyway.

Model info button only gives me options for dimension styles and units.

SketchUp for Web - Purge

Since you are using the web version, go to the Components panel. Look at In Model components and click on the Purge button at the bottom. It looks like :recycle:.

Here’s what I found this far. The purge command only affects the current drawing and removes only unused items.

I found the components shipped with the program here
C:\programdata\sketchup\sketchup 2020\sketchup\components\components sampler.
Substitute your SU VERSION for 2020.

I think the current components are under a similar directory with ROAMING in the link. I found one but mine was empty.

I save my components in my own folder and import them rather than use the secret location. The components tray is never opened.

Since the OP is using SketchUp for Web nothing in your post helps or has anything to do with his question.

The question was how to purge unused components in SketchUp Free. The only components that can be purged are In Model. Both mihai.s and I answered his question.

Geez Louise.

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