Trouble making a solid object

I’m new to Sketchup, just started using it about a week or two ago. I’m finding most things intuitive or easy enough to find out how to do by searching, but I’m having real trouble with this particular model. I want to carve out an area of this model using the “subtract” tool, but it’s saying it’s not a solid object. Can anyone help? Much appreciated! Thank you!

case.skp (1.2 MB)

The geometry is there and seems to be in the right place, but there seems to be a nested group of some geometry so not all is in the same context.

Explode the entire selected object (window select it) maybe several times to make all geometry basic (ungrouped). then tripple click on the object (to select all) and make it a group or component and it will be a SketchUp Solid.

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It worked! I didn’t realize that’s what “explode” was for (my fault for trying to learn this piecemeal). I thought it might be the nesting, but didn’t know how to un-nest. Thank you so much! :hugs:

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