Making an object solid


Hi, how do i make a object solid? as i have had trouble trying to make the object solid
ive made a cube and im trying to cut the cube in half but the subtract/trim tool is saying its not a solid object.
any help would be greatly appreciated :smile:


A Sketchup solid is a group or component

The grouped geometry exists of only edges and faces.
Each edge inside the grouped environment only bounds two faces, no more and no less So there are no stray edges.
So basically a solid is a watertight shell with no extra edges and faces with no meaning to get the object watertight. And the object’s geometry is grouped.


Could you upload your model? Maybe we could help walk you through what is making your model non-solid and give you a visual example.


So where is the answer to their question?


Read Wo3Dan’s response. Since the Op never did supply their problem model, there’s no way to tell exactly why they didn’t have a solid. There’s not enough information in their post to make a determination. The OP hasn’t been back for over two years, either.