New to Sketchup: Object not a Solid


I’m unable to use the trim or subtraction tool on my object. I’m sure I’m just being an idiot -_-

SunriderMk2.skp (2.2 MB)

Advice would be greatly appreciated.


There is no component in your workspace. And the ‘Component’ browser only shows the deleted ‘Steve’ figure component in the ‘In Model’ library.

The ‘Solid’ tools only work on grouped geometry that meet the requirements of being SketchUp’s solids.


Hi James,


Understanding Solid Objects in SketchUp — Aidan Chopra

Solid Tools — SketchUp Help


Thanks for the quick replies!

I’ve component’d it… but still have problems.

I have a ton of stuff going on in it, and it won’t respond to the Outer Shell tool. Is there a quick way to fix the things holding it back and turn it into a solid?


Ugh. I’m an idiot. I solved the problem by using Intersect-> Selection so I could remove the doodads.

Thanks, guys.


Awesome, but dang, that thing is big. 200,000.000+ cubic meters.



Your approach to building the model as separate logical parts is great.
Now simply make each part a Component before assembling the parts into the whole.
If you model carefully, it’s not difficult to make each Component a Solid.