Using Solid Tools to Trim

Attempting to use various Solid Tools (Trim, Subtract, etc) I would receive the following message “One or more of the selected object is either not a solid or is locked. The non-solid/locked obj. will be deselected before this operation is performed”

I searched this and other forums but nothing seems to fit or resolve the issue.

I sort of just figured it out over a bit of time.

My fix was this. Somehow, the two components in question were basically nested components. I am not certain how the same object became nested in the first place. Once I exploded the outer component of both objects leaving the inner (identical) component. The remaining (un-exploded) components allowed me to use the solid tools without error.

Solid Tools only work on Solids. In SketchUp a Solid is defined as a single watertight shape, that is one completely enclosed single shell without holes.

If you don’t already use it, the Solid Inspector extension is hugely useful in determining what is solid and what isn’t, plus identifying how it fails when it does.