(newbie) Solid Tools frustration

I’ve been using Sketchup Pro 2022 for all of about ten days; I’d like to utilize it for planning hobby welding projects.

I’m attempting to use the trim tool, but one of the involved components isn’t recognized as a solid. The problem component is labeled “mesh sheet,” and as best I can tell has volume (which should make it a solid?). I’ve created a box with the desired length/width and embedded that box within “mesh sheet” with the intent to use the trim tool to cut an appropriately sized section of “mesh sheet.” The box is selectable by the trim tool, but “mesh sheet” repeatedly returns error that it either isn’t a solid or is locked.

Also, is there a simpler, easier method to cropping out the desired size of the component? Any helpful suggestions are welcome!
firewood holder.skp (3.0 MB)

Nope. The component doesn’t have a volume because it contains a group. The group is not solid becaise there’s a stray edge, internal faces and reversed faces.

In order for the component to be considered a solid, there must be nothing but raw geometry inside it and every edge must be shared by exactly two faces. No more and no less. Explode the top level component leaving the group. Use Solid Inspector 2 to quickly fix the problems that prevent it from being a solid. Then you can use Intersection from the Solid Tools to cut it own to the small chunk you need.

As for a simpler method, it depends. Did you model the mesh yourself or get it from somewhere? I’d have modeled it from scratch and not made any more of it than I needed.

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I used SU Go Inspector and basically did what DaveR described and got this.
Firebox #1 (1).skp (262.3 KB)

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