Sketchup Pro 2019 solid issues

My solids won’t stay solid, when I group it shows solid, but when I click away, doesn’t stay solid, any ideas?



Sounds like you have a nest. One group/component nested inside another.
Explode it once and see if it works then. Or look in the outliner and see if one is a branch of another.

thanks for the reply, but if I simply create a simple cube, 6 sided box i have the same issue


A simple cube isn’t a solid until it is grouped. Once grouped it should remain a solid. If you click away from it then it isn’t selected and wont show as a solid.

But this is all speculation, attach a model that shows the issue. Drag and drop into the message window or use the Upload button at the top of the message window.

When you say ‘Click Away’ it sounds like you have merely deselected it.

adjustable door jamb.skp (164.9 KB)
I know this is not a square box, I’m trying to trim off a 45 degree miter from the end of the profile, and when i go back and forth from shape to shape they don’t stay solid, mabey I just don’t know what I’m doing

As I originally said, it’s nesting. You have each part wrapped several times in another group.
Explode until you just have two solid groups.

Thank you very much for your time, mabey this is above my skills, but I will try to figure out
thanks you again

Here you go have a look at this.
The angle is grouped 3 times so I explode it twice to get it to be one single solid group. The rail is grouped twice so I explode it once, then use solid tools.

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I did it thank you very much


Hello again, thank you again for helping me fix me previous problem
I’m have same issue screen door miter.skp (152.1 KB)

Sorry, not seeing the problem, can you tell us more.

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I do the same, and it does not work, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong?
I do group them bothe before I move the top down
and sugestions?

Don’t group them both.

I haven’t changed anything. Just positioned and used subtract.

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I can not figure what I’m doing wrong

I’d like to watch you do it in real time.

not sure how to do that

I’ll send you a PM in a moment.

PM sent. Click on the E in the pink circle in the upper right of the forum window.

you helped me a couple days ago, wondering if I could get you to help me again, and I can pay you, depending what you charge me, ? please let me know thanks