Cannot make group solid

I’m a beginner with SketchUp but I need help really quickly because I have little time to finish my project.

I’ve created this section of a box (I’ll attach it). I need it to be a solid group because I want to cut a hole in the middle with Solid Tools. Anyway, even after having run Solid Inspector2 which doesn’t give me problems I still get the "shape is not a solid or it is “locked” error.

I’ll give you some insight in my procedure, I’m sure it is a little nooby and that’s not how it should be done: I’ve modelled the outer part using rectangles and the RoundCorner plug-in. Then, the only way to give it thickness was to copy the model, scale it down and cut the unneeded parts. Then, I proceeded to connect the two portions together with the “Lines tool”. I’m sure this procedure is not correct, I hope that you can help me asap.

EDIT: the aim is for it to be 3d-printed.

Box2.skp (2.1 MB)

There is an extra face causing it to be non solid, go View/Face Style/Monochrome and look inside and you’ll see a bit of z-fighting happening, which shows there are two faces fighting for the same 3d space. Delete one, orient the faces and everything should work.
Also worth Purging your file, Window/Model Info/Statistics Purge unused.

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You are a life saver!
May I ask you how did you find that so quickly?

As I described, I changed to monochrome and looked. Was just lucky it was large and obvious. Could have been a tiny little face.

Thank you very much!

You’re welcome, just remember that materials/textures can hide a multitude of sins.
It’s best to work in monochrome and keep on top of face orientation and overlaps, then add material later.


Thanks. So is the way I used of giving thickness correct?

It certainly worked, and it is the standard vanilla way, there are other ways that use plugins.
But knowing how to do it the way you did it a great step forward to understanding the program, much better than jumping to a plugin to do it for you.

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Great, Thank you!

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