Solids and boolean tools


Had some success with Sketchup, my background is more photoreal images for compositing and advertising. But I’ve had a few parts manufactured via sketchup.

Current model - I can arrange three items that are each shown as a “solid group” or “solid component”, and subtract one from the other (basically drilling a hole). However, the new shape (the former solid that now has a hole) shows as a group or component without the “solid” tag, and I can’t drill any more holes in it.

How does joining or subtracting two shapes that sketchup says are “solid” make them “non-solid”? Driving me nuts - thanks for any help!


It’s usually the result of the geometry being too small for SU’s small face tolerance.
If the cuts in your shape result in line segments smaller than 1mm SU struggles to create the tiny faces therefore leaving holes.
Try scaling up your model by 10 or 100 etc, make the edit and scale back down.


Thanks Box - I’ll give that a shot.