Cannot use "booleans", no solid object

I can’t use solid tools because the objects I’m making are apparently not solid. I am trying to create a “bird’s mouth” in a cylinder by subtracting a perpendicular cylinder from the end. However, it will not accept a cylinder made by drawing a circle and using the pull command to make it 3d. Any help? Thanks

Did you make the cylinder into a group or component? Only groups or components can be “solid”.

Another possibility is that your parts are very small. This can be circumvented by scaling your model up 10 or 100 x before trying the operation, and scaling it back down when finished.


You can try to use the Solid Inspector extension to see if it finds errors in the model: Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Didn’t realise I had to turn it into a “group” (or “component”). Thanks!

Sometimes the “ungroupped” items can be difficult to find if they are nested in subgroups and can also cause your model to not be solid.
You can check (and fix) all of them with plugin.