I can't seem to create "a solid" no matter what I do



New user working on his first model.

My understanding is that before sending a model to Shapeways I need to convert my model to “Outer Shell,” and for that to happen it needs to be “a solid.”

I’ve attached a file with a simple grid, but Solid Inspector says everything is shiny when I select the whole object, but Sketchup says it isn’t.

Any suggestions on how I fix this are welcome. Even when I create a simple box and pull it up into a cube then Sketchup says it isn’t a solid. It’s pretty frustrating.

Thanks for any help!


Here’s the file. Thanks for any help you can provide.

grid for forum.skp (1.5 MB)


Select all of it, right click and make group and it will be a solid.

Loose geometry can’t be a solid, it needs to be wrapped as a group or component.


Thanks very much – just so I understand, what’s the definition of "loose geometry? Do I always need to make everything into a group before sending ti to the printers?

Again, I appreciate the response.


Basically yes, Sketchup won’t tell you it is a solid unless it is a group or a component.
However often printing software will recognise loose as a solid, but it doesn’t hurt to wrap everything.


K cool. Have a good night.


One other thing, you need to get in the habit of Purging your files.
Things deleted are still in there until purged.
Window/Model info/Statistics and click Purge unused.
Here is your file purged from 1.5mb to 125kb.
grid for forumpurged.skp (125.1 KB)