Producing a Solid Model

After fixing all the surface boarders with the help of Solid Inspector 2 then using it to fix the internal faces, solid Inspector shows no problems, but the object is still not a solid according to sketchup.

Any way I can check if the 3D printer will still be able to print it? I have never done 3D printing before so I don’t know how to check if my group is a solid besides just using Entity info.

Here is the file :

Another File also has this problem

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There is a very small section on the point of the right elbow that is causing the issue. removing one segment and shifting a vertex fixes it.
As to whether it will print, that depends on the type of printer and how it can handle the tiny details.

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Thanks have been looking for problems all day :grinning:

Understanding the concept of what makes an object a Solid will make you a better modeler.
Knowing what to look for makes it easier to fix small problems as you go.

Understanding Solid Objects in SketchUp — Aidan Chopra

A Solid in SketchUp is a single Group or Component whose geometry meets certain conditions.
When those conditions are met, Entity Info indicates the model is a Solid Group or Solid Component.
Also notice Entity Info indicates the Volume of a selected Solid.

• The geometry must form a single airtight vessel*.
Like a perfect soap bubble … •No gaps •No holes •No leaks

• No extraneous Faces inside or outside the vessel.**
All Faces must serve to enclose the singular volume of the vessel.

• No stray Edges.
All Edges must serve to support a Face that in turn serves to enclose the airtight vessel.
Thus, each Edge supports two Faces … no more, no less.

• No nested Groups or Components.

*A Solid Group or Solid Component may contain one or more separate airtight vessels.
**Best that all Faces are oriented Front Side (white) facing out.

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