Creating A solid (I need Help)


I am new to sketchup and I need to 3D print a model, one of the parts is this head with a helmet. I need help with it because I don’t know what I am doing wrong, solid inspecter does’nt shot me any errors

corinthian 13.skp (242.0 KB)


To use solid inspector you need to make the model a group or component, suggest component.
Turn on hidden geometry that will give you better visibility of model.
When I run solid inspector it reports some errors it can fix others it cannot. Those are mainly non 2 manifold errors, which are most likely around the eyes which you will have to fix. See following link


Here is model which is report as solid , but I do not like it. Maybe it will help you get there.helment_mac1.skp (140.4 KB)


If you tried with SolidInspector², try with the first version too, sometimes it will mark more errors…

( @thomthom : maybe this a good test model for SolidInspector² ?)