Can't make object solid for 3d print


Hello. I hope someone help me. I’ve been struggling to make an object ready for 3D printing. I just started learning sketchup so I may be doing something wrong. I deleted all the internal geometry but it still says object is not solid when I use the outer shell tool.

Can anyone take a look and see what is wrong?

AArmstrong_syaoran_goggles_01.skp (497.0 KB)


I had a look at the model and you have a few issues: see pic. I tried ThomThom’s Solid Inspector tool but it can’t fix it. You could try to fix it manually but maybe it might be more quick to start all over again…?


give ThomThoms ‘CleanUp³’ tool a try too.


Using ThomThmos solid inspector was reporting many short edges, reverse faces and short edges plus there are a number of stray lines and holes.
After scaling up by twice by 10x and fixing holes the best I’m left with is 2616 internal face edges and 1 surface border. Those you will have to fix.
To use the solid tools you need to make model a component. Attached is may last change , it is still at 10x, 10x
good luck.
I changed to 2016 since could not find one tool I wanted, you can save back to 2017
AArmstrong_syaoran_goggles_01.skp (679.8 KB)


Thank you! I will try to work with this file.

I am trying to use the solid inspector but it says it has an out of date signature.


One option that works well for me most of the time is to upload my file to Microsoft’s Azure server, This free service fixes STL files so they are closed and ready to print.


Try uninstalling the extension and then reinstalling using the latest installer version from the Extension Warehouse.