I can't make my object into a solid

I can’t make an object a solid and it’s keeping me from using Solid Tools to make a mold for 3d printing. SUPER exasperating. PLEASE HELP
SporesTemplates05MAIN-10in.skp (205.6 KB)

Using the Solid Inspector, it shows me these, but I can’t seem to get to those edges to remove then, and Cleaner doesn’t remove them either

  • Scale it at 1000x
  • Enter the group (double click on it)
  • Select all Solid Groups and Explode them, then Intesect Faces
  • Exit the group and use Solid Inspector to delete all internal faces
  • It’s a Solid Group now
  • Use CleanUp for a clean model

would you mind uploading what you did? it would take me 4 hours to follow those steps as I use SketchUp about once a year

happy to send you an Amazon card or kombucha.org credit or what have you

Solid Group (1:1) >
St-03_1-1_scale.skp (1.0 MB)

If you make more changes, work at 1000x scale.
1000x scale St-02.skp (1012.6 KB)

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Thank you so much! I’m serious about a gift… you can email me at billgilman (at) yahoo dot com

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You’re welcome!
Thanks for the intention, but you asked for help and I gladly offered it.


I love the idea of making it 1000x scale to work on the tiny edges etc. Super helpful!

You can find a lot of posts in the forum to help you with 3D printing-solid group: