Problem creating solid object

I have been struggling all night trying to figure out how to turn this object into a solid. I’ve run Solid Inspector and found some issues but once I get rid of all of the offending items I can’t seem to get my two intersecting faces drawn back in. I’m attaching the file so that you can get a closer look. The clover object on the left is the version before I ran Solid Inspector and still has all of the issues. The version on the right has all of the issues (as far as I can tell) that SI called out cleaned up. As you’ll see it’s also missing a portion of the beveled/rounded face. I’m trying to turn this into a solid for 3D printing. Any help is so appreciated. Like I said I’ve been at this a while. Thank you.

Key_Fob_02112020D.skp (1.7 MB)

Looks like you could just divide the shorter edges into six segments and do a bit of hand stiching.
Make sure all your faces are outside out.


There were a lot of reversed faces, and several bits of internal geometry that wasn’t needed. Try this one.

Key_Fob_02112020D.skp (1.7 MB)

Thanks so much Colin! Can you tell me a little bit about how you did that?

For the reversed faces I right-clicked and chose Orient Faces. Happened to be the wrong way round, so I reversed one face and orient faces again.

The curves near the top went inside the shape, without forming edges as they went through, so I selected the whole object and right-clicked, Intersect Faces/With Selection, then use a face style of wireframe to make it easier to delete the internal edges and faces.

To be solid it needs to be a group, so I made it be a group. Solid Inspector still found an internal face to fix.