Design issues

hi all,

i am having with my first sketch up design i have made. this is for a college project and i am looking to get it 3d printed. i was wondering if anyone could help?

i am struggling to make it a solid object.

any help will me appreciated i have attached the designs

split design.skp (1.6 MB)

I can fix it but I won’t get a grade for the project. HINT: Try forming a study group with your classmates, Also you need to be more precise with your work.

Pretty simple cleanup, really. Start by looking at any backward surfaces (the gray surfaces). This indicated that there is a hole in your model, or the surface is backward. Next, I would recommend installing Slid Inspector2 from Extension Warehouse. It will find and point out the spots that need to be fixed.

unfortunately no one is doing a project like mine! nonage using sketch up

solid inspector is showing joining lines that are not connected, but i can’t understand how i join them?

your model has a lot of hidden geometry that looks to be the result of vertices being moved or dragged into place. Was this model totally designed in sketchup?

Looking at the hidden geometry, I am guessing that this was a .STL file that was imported into SketchUp.

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