Joining Faces / Making a solid with Sketchup Free

I designed a component that seems to be a solid, but is not when I try and 3D print it.

I have read posts related to joining faces to try and get my design to work, but this tool does not seem to exist in Sketchup Free.

Does anyone have any advice as to how I can go about making my component a solid and / or finding any holes in my design that I am missing?


add your .skp file…

it’s most likely too small…


PaintNiteFrame2_Only (1).skp (325.6 KB)

Added my .skp file here

Yes, I find it ironic that .STL out is included, but access to the Solid Inspector2 plugin is not available to debug your model. One solution: download to your local machine, and load it into SU Make 2017 where you can run the plugin.

Seems to be some broken and duplicate lines on a miter end. Don’t know about colors.PaintNiteFrame2_Only (1) copy.skp (346.2 KB)

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