Prepare SketchUp model for 3d printing

hello, I’m a new user here, haven’t had any experience with 3d modeling before, so I’m having some difficulties. when it comes to slicing the model (using cura) , it doesn’t recognize the columns as a part of the whole part and makes a gap between them.
how can I correct the model to make it ready for 3d printing?
sal.stl (2.3 MB)

There are inner faces in your model and because of this, it can’t be a solid volume. A solid volume is needed for 3D printing. You can use plugins like SolidInspector or SolidSolver to visualize and try to repair those problems,


Like Cotty says…

What makes a model a SketchUp Solid?

A Solid in SketchUp is a single Group or Component whose geometry meets certain conditions.
When those conditions are met, Entity Info indicates the model is a Solid Group or Solid Component.
Also notice Entity Info indicates the Volume of a selected Solid.

• The geometry must form a single* airtight vessel.
Like a perfect soap bubble … •No gaps •No holes •No leaks

• No extraneous Faces** inside or outside the vessel.
All Faces must serve to enclose the singular volume of the vessel.

• No stray Edges.
All Edges must serve to support a Face that in turn serves to enclose the airtight vessel.
Thus, each Edge supports two Faces … no more, no less.

• No nested Groups or Components.

*A Solid Group or Solid Component may contain one or more separate airtight vessels.
**Best that all Faces are oriented Front Side (white) facing out.

Have a look at this revised portion of the model you shared, now a SketchUp Solid.
sal_Solid.skp (153.2 KB)

For more about Solids, visit these links:
Understanding Solid Objects in SketchUp — Aidan Chopra

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Of course, take the easy route first and upload to 3dwarehouse, checking the “I want this to be 3D printable.” box to see how well Materialise fixes things for you.