Making Multiple Components

Hello everybody.
Let’s take the case of drawing 5 objects, selecting them all, and getting 5 components.
Is it possible with some plugins?

I don’t know of a plugin to do that but I would question the reason why you would do this. Give an example use case. What are you modeling? Share an example .skp file set up to do what you want.

I create components of each object as I go.

Are those objects groups? If so you can use Group To Components from @thomthom

I need it because I work with a software that exports the project into so many objects, not components.
I waste a lot of time doing them one by one

So they come in as groups? Then use the extension suggested by @rtches .

Ora non posso. Domani allego un file.

The plugin S4U Components can convert, lines, faces and groups to components also replace groups by components or components by other components.

Hi the file I import is this.
I don’t understand why the faces of each element is not attached to the edges.
Thanks to you I convert the group to component.
But inside it is a chaos.
30.skp (156.2 KB)

Interestingly grouping all of the geometry and then exploding the group merges the geometry. I don’t see how you could get a plugin to correctly make components of the geometry from this model, though.

If it’s a waste of your time perhaps you need to learn more efficient modeling methods. Personally I would prefer to model this thing correctly in SketchUp than waste my time trying to fix a model that was created in another application.

Il software da dove esporto il modello è un configuratore per mobili che commercializzo.
Mi serve per forza

La cosa strana che non capisco e perché il singolo fianco è composto da 6 facce non unite tra loro

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Why do you need to copy the model into Sketchup? You could place a Dynamic Component over?