Converting Groups to Components

Saw Chest (2).skp (1.6 MB)
The Saw Till and four Hand/Panelsaws I just finished in the skp above are composed of groups. I had to use groups in order to use the Trim tool. Now that all the solid toolwork is done I want to convert to components. For instance each saw nut and bolt is a group. I do not want 12 different components. I just want one component called saw nut and bolt with 12 instances. Each saw blade is slightly different, so they will have to be different components. One handle for the panel saw is different from the other three. The saw till is composed of groups for each piece but I don’t want different components for parts that are identical. What is the best way to convert these groups to components? I will need to do that to make scenes and cutting diagram later.

You can right click on the group and choose Make Component. Do that for one of them, delete the other groups and make copies of the component.

In the desktop version you could make components of each of the groups and then select all of them but one and replace them with the one. Or better, use Eneroth Solid Tools with components and only need to handle one set of components and all the others would get the same treatment.

Thank you DaveR. I guess it would have been better to do that some how as I progressed. But, I didn’t know the sequence that I would be using. I agree that it is much easier with Pro and Eneroth Solid Tools.