Broken solid object trim

I’m have something weird happening.

I start with a rectangle, and shape it into a profile. I then extrude to desired length, crate a component, move (copy) the component to create the opposite element of the object (a door).

I then select both components, and create a new component. I then open the new component, move (copy) one of the objects, rotate horizontally, and make unique.

I move the new component to it’s desired position, end edit with push/pull to the size I need.

I then select the one vertical component, and trim the horizontal object to the suit. At this point, my Mac seems to hang.

I save the work, close and reopen the file.

When attempting to trim the opposite side, I find that the horizontal object is no longer a component, and is now a group. So I explode it, form a component, fix the component with solid inspector.

I then trim the untrimmed side.

The finished trim is not right.

Why does the component change to a group after the first trim?

iMac late 2014 OS Big Sur
SU 2023 Pro

panelled.skp (251.5 KB)

The native Solid Tools always converts its output to groups.

You can use either Eneroth Solid Tools (free from Extension Warehouse) or Bool Tools 2 (not free) which keeps solid components as components.

You can just Make Component from a group - no need to explode the component. If the component or group had an assigned tag, exploding will assign the tag to the exploded geometry - usually a bad idea.

Thanks John. I’ll chip away at my skills using your advice.

I have installed Eneroth Solid tools and will give that a go.

When I have completed assembling the components into an object I apply a tag.

Modeling a door frame (SketchUp for Web, Go, iPad, Make or Pro)
Using Follow Me (Solid Tools not necessary).
:exclamation: Do not work at small scale!

And it will suggest the same name of the trimmed component, after that, you can decide if you want the changes for all instances (replace existing) or not and rename it.
(Maybe that’s why the shortcut for ‘make component’ is ‘G’:slight_smile:
So if you want all instances be the same, select and press ‘G’ and hit Enter, directly after the trim operation.

Thanks for the video. I will need to do it slowly, step by step