Groups When I Want Components and Label Tools' Name is Difference

The attached skp file has the bench top bench on a work bench. The BT bench has lots of similar things that were supposed to be components but somehow became a group. I want them to be components. I tagged them as the components that I wanted. Somehow the label tool calls some of them “difference”. Do I fix this by starting all over again? Did the native trim tool cause this? Is there a method to keep the component(ness) intact, when using the trim tool?
Royce’ Benches (2).skp (516.2 KB)

The name “Difference” is the clue. The native Solid Tools convert components they modify into groups called Difference. You can convert them back to components when you right click on them and give them a new name.

This "feature"of the native Solid Tools is why I prefer Eneroth Solid Tools and BoolTools2 however those aren’t an option in SketchUp Shop

Thanks DaveR. I see what you mean. When I make them components, then I guess I have to give them a different name or add a number, right?

Yes. Keep in mind that if you had something like four identical table leg components and use Trim to cut the mortises, you either have to handle all four or you modify one make it a component and use it to replace the three.