Intersecting Components

Im trying to intersect several of the same components with different penetrations. Whenever I do the solid subtract tool it converts my component to a group. Is there any way for this to change to a unique component instead of a group?


Not directly. Part of what Solid Tools does is convert the modified component to a group. You could use Eneroth’s solid tools. It leaves components as components but you would need to make the component instances unique before running the tool. Other wise the modification will be done to all instances of the component.

Or you can right click on the resulting group and make it a new component after using the native Solid Tools.

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Thanks for that, just installed and tried it out and that was exactly what I was looking for.

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Did you want all instances of the component to get the same modification? If so, you’re on the right track.

I’ve been asking for the native Solid Tools to treat components like any other tools used for modifying components but it hasn’t happened yet.


I need sketchup to have everything as components in order to export to Navisworks and maintain the naming conventions.
This works with components but not groups so I have gone through and made unique components and then intersected them with other shapes. Old way didnt work, plug in works brilliantly. Thanks

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