Solid Tools with Components - TUTORIAL

If you use Solid Tools to intersect multiple solid groups/components with each other, you may have noticed that when it is used on a component, it’s actually replaced by a new group… Your component is never edited.

So if you’re trying to use Solid Tools to make changes to multiple component instances in your model, it won’t work. Actually, it CAN work, you just need to take a different approach. I created a tutorial to show you how Solid Tools with Components - TUTORIAL -


Nice work, Matt.

I use Jim’s Trim and Keep for that kind of thing. No screwing around remaking components from groups or replacing unmodified components with the modified ones or creating nested components. Just, “Use this to trim that.” It only took a minute or two to cut all the mortises, dadoes and all but two of the grooves in this entire bench model with Trim and Keep.


Hey Dave, great tip! I’ll add that recommendation to the tutorial :slight_smile: Wasn’t aware of that plugin.

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