Change group of 12 to components

I have twelve glass and mesh cabins they are the same
I copy pasted them in a circle and made them into one group
Now I’d like to change all of them like components
each hut is a group
all twelve huts are one group
I can’t to seem to make them all into components.
Must I delete them all make the first one a components then assign their position again
which will be time consuming?
I would like to change one and then all will change (or if I want one to be unique)

Thank you

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When you select one of the groups you’re wanting to convert, does it say in the entity info box that there are multiple copies of that group In the model?

If it doesn’t, delete all but one, convert it into a component and re-position them.

If it does, get the “Selection Toys” extension by @thomthom. (You should get it anyways cause that extension is awesome.)

  • Right-click > group copies > select all
    then once you have them all selected
  • Right-click > group copies > convert into components


(If you are having a hard time reading the gif,
Right-Click the gif > open image in new tab)

If you can find the center of that thing the huts are copied around, you should be able to make a polygon or circle with the same amount of sides as you want huts, and use that to place the huts exactly where they need to be.

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Thank you will try.
I don’t know I can’t tell. Sorry
I right clicked on my cabins and they all have these numbers?
They are numbered inside over the door from 1 to 12
They are around a circle but at every second face
I can’t get the extension I have 2019 (on a budget)
and it won’t let me access any more
and many of my extensions aren’t working anymore
I went to SketchUcation and found them there
and downloaded (I hope it will install)
I guess it’s only a trial I haven’t seen a price

Look in the “Entity Info”, not the Outliner.

Links to Selection Toys

Selection Toys | SketchUcation
Selection Toys | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

Upload your model.

  1. If it’s too big, then upload it to a cloud service like google drive and post the link here.


  2. Copy and paste-in-place the huts and the center thingy into a new model and upload that.

OK sorry
In the entity box
it only gives the name of the group and says 1 in the model :frowning:
I have marked all the position of each with three vertices (center front and side angle where the glass curves meet)
Tomorrow will delete and try to create around the center point. My model is 1.4GB I can’t upload it at all. It is late here now.
Will keep you posted how I managed.
55+ here so things are moving slower than someone who’s only on SKU full day 5 days a week.
But I do my best to keep my creativity up and producing.
Thank you very much for your time!

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Perhaps this would be a bit more efficient for positioning them?